Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hotel fun in Detroit

Another meeting with Dionte and his cousin. I started out riding Dionte on the hotel couch. I didn't even get my skirt off before he had his big black dick rubbing on my clitoris. My pussy was dripping form my early anticipation of a long night of hard fucking and good dp action. Before lone his cousin also whipped out his black dick and was feeding my face with it. These guys were good. They worked well as a team. I love a good black team. Why can't I get the black UM or black Lion or Piston players for one night!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have always enjoyed furniture. The nicer the room, the more furniture I have to experiemnt with and different positions to try. Here, I am using the hotel couch to full advantage. I got one at face level behind the couch and another fucking me from behind as I knee on the couch! Nice!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deon and his cousin

About 2 years ago or more I had found a trim athletic sexually hungry black man named Deon. He brought along his cousin a few times and these guys were good. The banged me for hours, really working the dp and my ass. Deon was aggressive and he could fuck for hours. I miss him. Where are you Deon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sexy Detroit MILF

I was in Atlanta in January and meet 8 of the best gangbangers I have enjoyed in some time. They worked me over for 5 hours and most came 2-3 times. They worked well together and left me very worn out, my ass and pussy swollen.

My ideal date

I know this is just a cartoon drawing but it reflects what I really desire. Unfortunately as a married wife and mother I can't really go bareback. Not to say I have not done bareback in my many years and hundreds of black cock. But it has been just with a few long term lovers who I knew were married and very trustworthy. But the feel of a big load of black semen just filling my pussy full or up my ass is one of the best desires I enjoy. To have the big load of cum leaking out my ass or pussy and poling on the floor below my legs when I stand up is fantastic.

Wedding Day with Brutus

My husband loves to see his sexy white bride enjoying black men in my wedding dress. We got in contact with Brutus who flew into Detroit one night from NYC. He started out our evening by eating my pussy out while I was still fully dressed. Then I returned the favor by gving him a long wet blow job. Before long he had me down to my wedding lingerie and fucked me late into the night. My husband had to leave early but I stayed the night with Brutus and saw him off in the morning. My white wedding dress is one of my favorite outfits. I am always looking for black guys who enjoy fucking a white wife in her wedding dress. Drop me a note if you like that idea

Recent party with Big Mike

Big Mike is one of the San Francisco crew. He oftens visits the area so we frequently do meet for an evening of fun. This night my husband was present to take some video and pictures. I had my sexy black skirt and open bra on. Nice black heels. We fucked almost continously thru the night. Luckily I brought a change of outfits since it's not nice for a sexy white MILF to wear the same outfit for 6 hours straight.